The Kill - IMVU version ~by Gamalex~

Who wins in a battle ?good or evil? Hmm This is a love triangle, involving 2 brothers and 1 girl.Love separates the 2 brothers and makes them hate each other because they love the same girl, Emily. Emily and Chris were going to get marriedwhen Lorence comes into the sceneand beats his brother as he gets out of the bathroom. He steals his groom clothes and rushes into Emilys arms at the church. When they almost to say yes Chris comes and starts fighiting with his brotherChris gets his gun out but cannot kill his brother, Lorence taking advantage at his weakness. The end seems to be happy.. but is it really Chris or Lorence? Wa do u think?? Producers: Gamalex & Teardrop ( note from teardrop: XD srry Amy for ur credit) Editor:Teardrop (xxcouldsoulxx) Music: The Kill - 30 seconds to mars Programs:Sony Vegas 7, Cyberlink Programs used 2: IMVU

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