IMVU-WTF!? 3 (v2)

Marf =3 Please view in high quality mode!

((UPDATE: This is version 2 of this video. Youtube blocked the previous version because the copyright owners of ZZ Top didn't want me to use their music here. I've replaced it with a midi version, and because I had to use a different editing program to change the video, the quality got a little messy. Oh well... This video is now presented to you in... Tall screen format X3 Marf))

Marf! So here we have number 3 of the "IMVU - WTF!?" series =3

This is my first video that I've ever made in Adobe Premier Pro, so I've made some mistakes and not everything is perfect. I hope I can be forgiven =S Some of the text can be a little fuzzy, or even almost unreadable at some points v.v and at times the different pieces of footage are sized differently. I'll hopefully learn to use Premier Pro better so this won't happen again.

Musics used are:
"Twisted Nerve" by Bernard Herrmann
"Banana Phone (fast version)" by Raffi
"Staying Alive" by the BeeGees
"La Grange" by ZZ Top ((MIDI version))
"Minami Tokyo Shiten no Sesta" by Taku Iwasaki

Despite the problems with my inability to master Premier Pro on the first attempt, please enjoy this video ^^ *wags*

EDIT: In order to help my viewers out, I'm going to put the text for the 3 fuzziest segments here in this description box. I hope it helps you all =3

(No pie!?)

Him: "I was going to throw a pie at you"
Me: "...Mrrf? X.x"
Him: "But no one's programmed pie into IMVU yet"
Me: "...No pie!?"
Me: "WTF!"

(Fan #3843)

Me: "Hello ^^"
Me: "...Hi?"
Me: "..."
Me: "Uhm, you there? =S"
Me: "..."
Me: "Weeeelllllllll okay then, I guess I'll be on m-"
Him: "I wanna be in IMVU WTF 3, and I type good"
Me: "X.x"

(Fan #3921)

Me: "Hi there =3"
Him: "hey i know a guy that was in wtf2 so i can be in wtf3 right?"
Me: "Uhm... I don't need any more actors"
Him: "rly?"
Me: "Yea, sorry."
Him: "rly?"
Me: "...Yea"
Him: "nosrsly...rly?"
Me: "...Mrrf..."

ANOTHER EDIT: Wouldn't you know it, I missed someone in the credits again X.x My friend Coloration was left out, and I'm really sorry about that.

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