IMVU '*use' Codes / Cheats [Over 25 codes!]
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Hi! It's Mizoreku here. Hope you like the `vid, and it helps you. If you have any other codes, feel free to comment and I may just add them in!

Drop by my IMVU and leave a message! (=



The link mentioned in the video is as follows...
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Check it out! Earn prizes by doing fun games and "training sessions", a great site to join! I've been a member for months and am loving it!

Here are the codes demonstrated in this movie,
in order.

*use 1 - Yellow "IMVU" Shirt
*use 12 - Blue Shirt with Dog
*use 166 - Green Shirt with Monster
*use 168 - Blue Shorts
*use 169 - Army Shorts
*use 164 - Pink Shirt with Dog
*use 163 - Shirt saying "Soy Con Estupido"
*use 170 - White Shorts; Red Belt
*use 171 - Green Shorts
*use 172 - White Shorts; Green Belt
*use 173 - Yellow Shorts; Green Belt
*use 174 - Black Boots
*use 174 - Brown-ish Boots
·!¦[·The following are after the actions·]¦!·
*use 294 - Red Sweater
*use 292 - Red Plaid Pants

*use 1064 - Kissy Pose
*use 1083 - "Self Make Out" Pose
*use 1081 - Carress Own Hand
*use 1082- "Kiss my arse!"

The following codes aren't demonstrated, but are neat!

*use 127 - Blue Grid Room
*use 129 - Strange, Globe-like Room
*use 191 - Avatar gender turned Male
*use 80 - Avatar gender turned Female

The following codes have *NOT* been tested by me, but I have found. Use at own risk!

*use 2108 = Fartarm Action
*use 2109 = Terrified Mood
*use 2110 = Tantrum
*use 2111 =levitate
*use 90 = Turns you into Pacman*
*use 93 = A Pacman Sound
*use 2081 = Asian Bow
*use 1417 = Ninja Action 1
*use 1416 = Ninja Action 2

(Probably can be reverted by "Turn to Female / Male" codes

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